Q&A for CSC Application

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Q&A about Chinese Government Scholarship


QBesides applying through Shanghai Normal University's enrollment project , is there any other way that I can apply for CSC?

A: You can also apply for Chinese Government Scholarship through Chinese Embassyand Consulate in your country to apply for Chinese Language,undergraduate, master, doctor and any other programs in SHNU. CSC Official Website is https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn. You may contact Chinese Embassy and Consulate in your Country for detailed information about the application procedure.

If you want to ask for a pre-enrollment notice, please refer to the following website: Pre-admission notice Application Guideline 2019

Q: Do I need to pay the registration fee if I apply for scholarship of Shanghai Normal University

A: Yes, you need to. Only after paying the registration fees, can you get a pre-enroll notice to continue the next application procedure. (Bank account information of Shanghai Normal University)




Q: How many students are eligible for scholarship in Shanghai Normal University?

A: The number varies every year, there are 5 independent enrollment this year, but besides the independent enrollment, you can also apply to our school through Chinese embassy or CSC, the number is not limited.



Q: Can I apply for undergraduate scholarship directly through Shanghai Normal University?

A: Sorry, you cannot. For independent enrollment project, our school only accept the application of Master and Doctor Degree programs. If you want to apply for undergraduate progams, you should contact Chinese Embassies and Consulates Overseas and other authorized dispatch agents to apply. 



Q: Can I apply for a one-year Chinese Language Learning lesson if my Chinese language proficiency level fails to meet the admission criteria

A: Sure, you can. However, you should meet the following requirements for master majors HSK 3 180 or above, for doctoral majors HSK 4 180 or above. When you finish the one-year language program and pass the examination, then you will be able to continue your professional learning. (Under the same condition, students who don’t need to take a one-year remediation of Chinese course will be given priority.)



Q: Do I need to get any pre-admission notice when I apply for master or doctoral degree through the independent enrollment project of Shanghai Normal University?

A: No, you don't have to. Pre-admission notice is only needed when you apply through other options such as Chinese Embassy, dispatch agents etc.



Q: If I recently graduated from a university in China but still in China, is it true I can't apply for scholarship now?

A: You can only apply for scholarship after one year of graduating from a China university. However, the chances are very slim.



Q: I didn’t apply on Shanghai Normal University website, can I send my application documents directly to you via email ?

A:  Sorry, you cannot. You should apply online first, upload all application materials needed and pay the application fee, your application would be valid after the above procedure is done. Besides, when finishing the online application, you should also mail all paper materials to us.



Q: What is the website for online application?

A: The website for CSC is http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn and the website for Shanghai Normal University is https://apply.shnu.edu.cn/



Q: What is the Institution Code of Shanghai Normal University?

A: The Institution Code of Shanghai Normal University is 10270, please choose type B 10270



Q: When I have finished online application, should I mail all the paper materials to you?

A: Yes, you need to mail us all the paper materials as well, and our address is 100 Guilin Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai Normal University, International Students Center, Room 102.



Q: If I can't open the website for application, What should I do?

A: You may be experiencing mismatch of browsers, so Internet Explorer is recommended.



Q: I can't get my diploma/graduation certificate until July this year, What should I do?

A: You may ask the school you are studying in for the certificate to confirm your highest education.



Q: Is HSK a must for any major taught in Chinese? If I just want to apply for a major taught in English, is the scores of IELTS or TOEFL needed?

A: You may ask for a proof of all the lessons you have taken were taught in Chinese or in English from where you studied undergraduate or master. Meanwhile, you will have an advantage if you already have HSK. Besides, if you come from an English-speaking country and the major you want to apply for is taught in English, then the scores of IELTS or TOEFL is not needed.



Q: If I want to apply for master or doctoral degree through Shanghai Normal University, would I need to contact a tutor/supervisor/professor and the college as well?

A: No, you don’t have to. Provided your online application is completed through our online application system, we will send all your documents to the respective department for further evaluation.



Q: How can I check if the paper documents have arrived at Shanghai Normal University?

A: You should contact the express company.



Q: When will I know the result of my application?

A: The preliminary results would be out at the end of June, however, for the the publication time of official enrollment list, notice from China Scholarship Council shall be published. You may consult us by emailing to iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn after June 15th for the result, but before June 15th, no inquiries about the application result will be accepted.



Q: How can I contact you or your office?

A: Contact number: 86-21-64323111/64323905 , Email address: iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn.



If you have any other questions after reading this document, you may consult us by emailing to iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn.

Please note that we will not reply again to any questions mentioned above, thank you for your understanding!