预录取通知书申请指南/Pre-admission notice Application Guideline 2019

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SHNU Pre-admission Letter Application Guideline

1.适用对象 /To whom we issue SHNU Pre-admission Letter


Candidates who have want to apply Chinese Government Scholarship through CSC are welcome to contact us for the SHNU Pre-admission Letter to complete your application procedures.


注意/Please Note:


Applicants for Chinese Government Scholarship-Chinese University Program (CUP) should NOT request the Pre-admission Letter for submitting back to SHNU.


2.申请前需知/Things need to be done before apply for Pre-admission Letter


Please contact the Chinese Embassy in your country directly for consultation. Then log on to the online application website of CSC (https://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn), complete the online application procedure, submit the application form online, and print out a paper application form. Please choose Shanghai Normal University as the application institution.  

  1. 预录取通知书确保你会被CSC分配至上海师范大学而非其他院校。

Pre-admission notice will ensure that you will be assigned by CSC to Shanghai Normal University rather than other institutions.

3.预录取通知书申请途径/How to get SHNU Pre-admission Letter

Step 1:首先请登录我校国际学生在线申请网站(https://apply.shnu.edu.cn,填写资料并上传必要文件,并按规定缴纳报名费,完成校内申请。

If you need pre-admission notice, please visit our school’s International Student Admissions System website (https://apply.shnu.edu.cn) to submit all the documents and complete the online application at first.

注意/Please Note


Only those applications which uploaded the certificate of application fee paying will be regarded as valid.



Step 2:我校国际学生入学申请系统网站https://apply.shnu.edu.cn打印的网上申请个人信息页面文件相关文件发送至iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn,待我校审核后,符合要求的,会邮件发送预录取通知书。一般申请非学历生的预录取通知书发放时间为收到材料的1周内,学历生为2周内。

Download the relevant application form and email it with the attachments to iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn. Pre-admission notice will be sent after evaluation. For the eligible applicants, we will issue the SHNU Pre-admission Letter in 7 working days for none-degree programs and in 14 working days for degree programs upon receiving the documents.



邮件材料清单Documents Required for Pre-admission:

  1. 中国国家留学基金管理委员会(CSC)在线申请的申请表。/Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship Program through CSC.

  2. 我校国际学生申请网站https://apply.shnu.edu.cn打印的网上申请个人信息页面文件。/The printout of the personal information page on our school’s International Student Admissions System website ( https://apply.shnu.edu.cn )

  3. 经公证的最高学历证明、毕业证书或学位证书的复印件(不是中文或英文的,需提供经过公证的中文或英文的翻译件)。/A notarized copy of the highest academic certificate, diploma or degree certificate. (if not in Chinese or English, a notarized translation in Chinese or English is required).

  4. 经过公证的、完整的高中、本科、硕士阶段学习成绩单(不是中文或英文的,需提供经过公证的中文或英文的翻译件)。/Notarized and complete high school or undergraduate or master's grade transcripts (if not in Chinese or English, a notarized translations in Chinese or English is required ).

  5. 两封相关专业的教授推荐信(中文或英文,需有教授所在单位盖章及教授本人签字和相关联系方式)。/Two letters of recommendation from professors of relevant majors (in Chinese or English, with the seal of the professor's unit and the signature of the professor and related contact information).

  6. 来华学习或研究计划(仅申请硕士项目者需要提交。中文或英文,硕士不少于800字,博士不少于1500字)。/ Study or plan in China. (Graduate students ONLY. Write in Chinese or English, no less than 800 words for master degree student , no less than 1500 words for doctor degree student).

  7. 语言能力证明材料(仅申请学历项目者需要提交。申请汉语授课专业需提供HSK证书;申请全英文授课专业,需提供相应的英语水平证明TOFELIELTS等)。/Language proficiency Certificates(Degree program students ONLY. HSK certificate is required for who is applying for Chinese language teaching; for English teaching programs , you need to provide TOFEL, IELTS, etc.).

  8. 个人美术或音乐作品(如申请艺术类专业)。/Personal works of art or music (Applicants for art majors).

  9. 《外国人体格检查记录》和血液检查报告。/ Physical Examination Record for Foreigner" and blood test report. 下载表格download the form

  10. 520元人民币或80美元报名费缴纳凭证。/Photocopy of Remittance Receipt for Application Fee (CNY520 or US$80)

  11. 有效普通护照复印件。/Photocopy of valid passport.

注意/Please Note:


You need to complete online application on our school’s International Student Admissions System website https://apply.shnu.edu.cn before you send all the documents needed to iec@staff.shnu.edu.cn.

  • 关于如何通过中国国家留学基金委申请中国政府奖学金到我校就读的相关问题,请联系中国驻贵国大使馆。 Questions about how to apply Chinese Government Scholarship through CSCplease contact the Chinese Embassy in your country.






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